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Oguma AquaKey 1-Pk Value Set

Product Spec:

  • 1áBottles of Oguma AquaKey.
  • 1ápackets of Oguma Super efficient facial Mask sheet.
  • Ingridents:áIon Complex Elite á(I.C.E), Micro Molecule Water, Oxygen.
  • Volume: 160ml.
  • Storage period: 3 years.á
  • áOguma AquaKey is suitable for all age groups and all skin types.

How to use AquaKeyá

  • Use it every morning and evening in addition to your regular skin care regime.á AquaKey will enhance the effects of your regular skin care products.
  • Use it before moisturizer and after you apply foundation to set your makeup.
  • Carry it with you and spray onto skin frequently throughout the day to moisturize your skin and keep makeup looking fresh all day long.

About Oguma AquaKey

OgumaíŽs lab meticulously extracted the oceanic Ion Complex Eliteá(I.C.E) from the deep sea; I.C.E has many mineral properties and inorganic nutrition which can vitalize animal cells. Oguma AquaKey, which is made of ICE extract, has a unique ion conductibility that can conduct moisture into your skin cells within just 90 seconds, and immediately revitalize the skin cells. Just one bottle, thatíŽs all you need to simultaneously metabolize and nourish your skin quickly and easily!

  • Oguma AquaKey can alleviate skin symptoms such as pimples, acnes, comedones, fine lines, dry skin, enlarged pores, Apply Oguma AquaKey after facial cleansing routine, sprinkle Oguma AquaKey evenly on your cheek, forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and left, center and right sides of your chin (especially areas where there are pimples or acnes) then massage until itíŽs completely absorbed by the skin. Use Oguma every morning and evening, and regularly in between. ItíŽs portable so you can also take it with you wherever you go and conveniently moisturize your skin or reduce oil anywhere and anytime. And because Oguma AquaKey does not contain any chemicals or organic properties, there is no restriction on how much you can use. You can adjust the amount applied as you see fit.
  • It also alleviates other skin symptoms such as allergic dermatitis, rashes, atopic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, light injury, and insect bites. Just sprinkle on the appropriate spots then rub until itíŽs completely absorbed by the skin.

Important Notice:

  1. Some users might experience aggravated acnes or pimple eruption at the initial stage of using our product. This reaction is due to the bacteria, toxin, or residues of chemicals from other skincare product underneath the skin. Should this occur, we recommend that user reduce the application of AquaKey to half of the amount as indicated until the condition recedes.
  2. Some users might feel the sensation of dryness on certain parts of the skin after applying AquaKey. This may mean your skin is already seriously dehydrated, please apply moisturizing cream on the dry spots or increase the frequency or amount of AquaKey applied.
  3. Oguma AquaKey can reduce skin symptoms such allergic dermatitis, heat rashes, atopic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, light injury, insect bites, and simply apply AquaKey on the appropriate spots.
  4. Since there are no chemical additives or dissolvent inside Oguma AquaKey, it is therefore harmless when applied to eyes or mouth.
  5. If Oguma AquaKey crystallize, just shake it a little.
  6. For very rare sensitive skin, please consult your doctor before use.