“Miracle water”? Try it out yourself
I recently received a free bottle of AquaKey. When I first received it, I honestly didn't know what to expect. However, it couldn't have come at a better time. I had recently developed a rash on the outside of my right thigh. This rash started out about the size of a quarter. It was very irritating and itchy. I tried using calamine lotion on it, with no success. I also tried different lotions. They didn't work either. The rash continued to spread on my leg. By the time I received my bottle of AquaKey, this monster rash had spread to almost the whole outer thigh. I wasn't expecting much, but decided to try to spray this "miracle" water on my leg. The next day, the rash appeared to be smaller. I wasn't sure if it was wishful thinking or if it really was shrinking. I did know that the AquaKey seemed to make the itching stop. I sprayed the AquaKey on it several times the next day. I used it for about 4 days and the rash disappeared completely. I was pleasantly shocked! Who would have guessed that this "water" would work the way it did? Thank you so much!

Linda Podhola

No more breakouts, Better looking skin
I am 44 and have a problem with my face breaking out my whole life. I have tried so many different products (both prescription and over the counter) and seen many doctors. So when I say the deal to get a free bottle of AquaKey, what did I have to lose? This is only the second week of using the product but my skin feels softer. When I put the product on and rub it into my skin itˇ¦s like some of the whiteheads and blackheads just push themselves right on up and out. I do see my pores getting smaller and my skin just looks so much better. I look forward to getting my second bottle. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to try your product. Thanks so much.

Carol Corn, VA Age 45, Female

Soft, silky, younger looking skin
I began using AquaKey because I was looking for something to keep my almost-40 yeah old skin younger looking and feeling soft. I received a free sample and began using it faithfully. I noticed a definite increase in the softness of my skin and my pores appeared smaller. It also works great as a make up refresher during the day. I definitely would recommend this product and would love to order it again.

Noelle Lacy, TN Age: 40, Female

Amazing effect
It is all by chance, I saw your ad for a free OGUMA sample. I am surprised to receive such as big bottle as a sample. Now I have been using it for two months. It is amazing! It feels soft and moist on my face. After using the mask, the skin feels like silk. I told my sister and friends to buy them. I never knew there would be such a product to produce this wonderful effect. I love it!

Yanhua Li, AZ Age:28, Female

A fantastic product
I LOVE this stuff!!! It has made such a difference in my skin. It feels less oily and much softer. It feels so soothing to put it on. I definitely will be purchasing a second bottle because I have never tried anything like this before. This is so refreshing that I use it 3 times a day. Thank you for this fantastic product.

Helen Sypherd, PA Age:49, Female

Steam burn gone quickly and no blister or scars
Thank you for sending me my first bottle of AquaKey. It was a big hit at Thanksgiving. Everyone tried it (even the men). Best of all was when I was taking something out of the oven and got a steam burn. You know how they usually blister with water inside of them? I quickly grabbed for your product and sprayed some on the burn. It was INSTANT RELIEF!!!!!!! Everyone was amazed. It quit hurting immediately and didnˇ¦t blisterˇK. Within a weekˇ¦s time it was gone and it didnˇ¦t leave a scar or anything. You canˇ¦t even tell that there was a burn there. You have an amazing product on your hands. When will it be on the store shelves? You will make millions. Thanks so much.

Sheri Jaros, MO Age:43, Female

Dry and sensitive skin- Can't live without AquaKey
I have been using your AquaKey Ion Complex Elite for two weeks now. I suffer from menopause, at age 42, and have severely dry and sensitive skin. Since using your product the dry patches that I had have completely disappeared. The structure of my skin is much firmer and the fine lines that I recently obtained have all but disappeared. My skin feels softer and more supple. My moisture retention is unbelievable now. I spray it on, just after moisturizing and again after my makeup application. I keep the bottle in my purse and use it throughout the day. Your product is the last thing that I use in my routine at the end of the day. I wonder now how I ever got along without it!

Kitsy Helmick, NC Age:45, Female