What is AquaKey?
AquaKey is a multi-active mineral spray that captures the energy of natural ions to rebuild, retexture, and repair skin and hair.

How does AquaKey work?
As the skin releases ions, it absorbs new ones. Using AquaKey? ensures that the new ions rich in moisture and nutrients will penetrate into the skin and hair leaving it beautiful and healthy. AquaKey?, with heightened refining and penetrating properties, can replenish cells that lack water leaving skin and hair wonderfully radiant.

What is an ion?
Ions are active minerals and atoms that have gained or lost an electron and bear a charge of energy. Positive ions have lost an electron and are considered unhealthy. They are found in dust, smoke and other toxic substances. Negative ions have gained an electron and greatly assist in a body's mood, and energy level.

When can I use AquaKey?
AquaKey is ideal for the home, office, the gym, a vacation, a business trip, or anywhere else you go! It can be used alone or in conjunction with other skin and hair products to enhance their effects.

Apply to face after cleansing in the morning and evening before or after applying moisturizer
Continue to use throughout the day as needed (apply hourly for optimal results)
Use AquaKey facial masks every 3-5 days along with AquaKey to experience more intensive moisturization
AquaKey can also be used before and after applying makeup or mixed with foundation for a sheer and natural finish

Apply AquaKey while at work as often as necessary to combat against dry office air
Spray periodically to keep makeup looking fresh and vibrant
Works great on legs and feet fatigued by stylish, yet painful shoes

Use AquaKey to combat against variable climates, sunburn, insect bites, or other skin irritations
Ideal to use on planes, trains, and in your car to counteract the effects of dry air produced by air conditioning and heaters

AquaKey can be used as frequently as necessary. In changing weather, skin may feel dryer than normal. Use AquaKey more frequently during these times to keep skin moisturized.

What are the benefits of AquaKey?
AquaKey is the ideal product for every skin and hair type as well as beauty regimen. It instantly hydrates, tones, nourishes, cleanses, and even sets make-up. AquaKey also enhances the performance of other skin care product and cosmetic.

AquaKey hydrates dry skin
Apply AquaKey onto face and hands and gently massage into skin. Complete absorption takes approximately 90 seconds. AquaKey does not leave buildup or residue on the skin's surface so the skin is left feeling soft and silky smooth. It can be used alone or along with a moisturizer for optimal moisture.

AquaKey enhances effects of other skin care products
Apply AquaKey before using skin care products to speed up absorption of moisturizers, serums, eye creams or even skin treatment products. They will be absorbed more rapidly and be more effective than when used alone.

AquaKey reduces skin blemishes
Apply AquaKey every night after washing face. Massage into skin, especially areas prone to acne, wrinkles, dryness, and other skin impurities. For optimal results, use in conjunction with the OGUMA facial mask. Results will be evident within seven to ten days.

AquaKey reduces atopic dermatiti
For immediate relief, apply AquaKey to inflamed area to reduce allergic skin reactions to the sun, food, medication, skin care products, or other environmental or chemical factors. AquaKey can also be used after exercising or during menopausal hot flashes to cool skin down and reduce flushing of skin. Spray AquaKey onto areas affected by diaper rash, sunburn, insect bites, or eczema, to reduce irritation.

AquaKey replenishes moisture to hair
Apply AquaKey to add radiance and moisture without weighing hair down. AquaKey provides a defense mechanism against environmental stresses by hydrating hair without coating with a heavy, thick film. It is so safe that it can even be used on pets!

AquaKey sets makeup
Apply AquaKey on the face after applying makeup to add the final touch. Spray 12-24 inches from face. It works perfect as a finishing "fix" for makeup. AquaKey can be used over moisturizer and under foundation for a fresh finish. It can also be used over powder to set makeup and moisturize all day.